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independent glinda the GOOD roleplay account 

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Send me a “<3” if your muse is secretly in love with mine and doesn’t quite know how to admit it.

Lately, Regina wasn’t herself. She noticed that she never had those sassy remarks that she usually gave Emma. She knew that something was wrong with her. “Regina, is everything okay?”



"It puts us in a good place. To be truthful with you, I love you too."

"Alright, good, so I guess — wait what?”

"You love me? You mean you ‘love me like you love your mother’ or you’re in love with me? Big difference, very, very big difference. ” Regina rambled, suddenly very flustered.

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Phantom of the Opera sentences pack

"Think of me."
"Make your choice."
"We've past the point of no return."
"I've been there."
"But in his eyes, all the sadness in the world."
"He'll always be there."
"That's all I ask of you."
"Keep your hand at the level of your eye."
"From birth, it seemed."
"Can you even dare to look?"
"Fear can turn to love."
"These things do happen."
"Track down this murder."
"He must be found!"
"You're only saying this to please me."
"Touch me. Trust me."
"Savor each sensation."
"Let your darker side give in."
"This is mad!"
"What answer can I give?"
"Friend, or phantom?"
"Wildly my mind beats against you."
"So lost, so helpless."
"Look at your face in the mirror."
"See why in shadow I hide?"
"I denied you."
"Speak, I listen."
"My soul was weak, forgive me."
"Enter at last, master."
"You will have to pay the bill! Tangle in the winding sheets."
"My salary has not been paid."
"Gossip's worth its weight in gold."
"Where is he?!"
"Where is she?!"
"I want an answer!"
"I take it that you sent me this note."
"What's all this nonsense?"
"Promise never to tell!"
"Hide your face so the world will never find you."
"It's him! I know it, it's him!"
"Remain calm. It was an accident, simply an accident."
"I fought so hard to free you."
"Why make her lie to you to save me?"
"The world showed no compassion to me."
"I love her. Does that mean nothing?"
"Leave me here. Go now, don't wait."
"It's over now, the music of the night!"
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The Monster Ball will set you free

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The Most Unlikely of Soulmates | @misseshood


She nodded, “I do believe it is.” She kept her bow in her hand as they moved through the forrest. “I imagine you were.” Robin contained a small chuckle as Regina kept from swearing. “Well it seems the forrest wont be so quiet anymore, I can’t say I’m not happy about that. I hate the quiet.” 

Robin heard a noise from behind and looked but didn’t see anything. “Much has changed I’m afraid.”

"I can see that." Regina sighed, holding Roland a bit closer. "Much has changed with us as well. We’re all different people now. Living in an extremely different realm for twenty nine years will do that to a person." She lightly shrugged. "Like I said though, coming back here wasn’t our choice, but there’s nothing we can do about it I suppose."

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"You naughty naughty queen queen." She shook her head and sat Regina on the kitchen counter. "This is really very not fair. You know I can’t resist you when you talk like that." She kissed her again.

Of course it’s not fair, why do you think I said it?” She laughed, kissing Emma back. She wrapped her arms around the sheriff’s neck lovingly and her close. “And it’s not like we’ll have to worry about Henry suddenly showing up. He’s spending the weekend with your parents.”

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;; “Ours: ;;


{ continued from x }

"Regina!" Emma called as she walked to the hallway from the kitchen. "Regina, please, can you take care of him for a sec, I really need to go get shower!" She called again holding a tiny baby in her arms, not drinking milk from the bottle. The luck was on their side today, not much crying, thank God… Both of them had almost every night sleepless and now were walking like a zombie.

Regina quickly made her way from the study and towards her wife. “Of course I can dear.” She smiled, moving to take their son into her arms. “Of course I can, you can come cuddle with mommy for a little bit while your mama showers.” The not so evil queen soothed in a child like tone to the baby, kissing his forehead. “You, sheriff, are officially off duty. Shower and then head straight to bed. I’ve got him.” Regina smiled, glancing back up at Emma lovingly.

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"Well I never thought I’d see you again, but I did want to thank you for giving me back my voice. I’m happy to see you’ve made it back okay."

"Well, thank you Ariel."

"And … I’m sorry that I took your voice in the first place. I hope there are no hard feelings between us."

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